Success Stories

If you join the family here at 2110 Fitness, we take your membership seriously. And we firmly believe that we’re successful when you’re successful.

One of the things we love to do at 2110 Fitness is… celebrate!

Our members come to our gym for a number of reasons. They want to lose fat. They hope to gain muscle mass. They want to ready themselves for the summer season. They want to train for a specific sport. But, ultimately, they want to live longer, happier and healthier lives. In our experience we have found that no two members are alike.

Different goals, different strategies for reaching those goals, and different outcomes along the way. We meet you where you are, and celebrate as you get to where you’re going.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some success stories below

I started training a little over a year ago at 2110 Fitness. I had little to no experience when it came to most lifting movements. I was always intimidated when it came to going to a gym, but having a plan going in as well as coaching points really helped excel in the gym. I started out benching 95lbs x 5, squatting 115lbs x 5, and deadlifting 185lbs x 5. Fast forward a year later and I bench 185lbs x 5, squat 245lbs x 5 and deadlift 285lbs x 5. There was a point when I plateaued at 185lbs x 5 for squats and the 2110 Fitness team helped me break through with coaching points and giving me proper advice on how to not only get past that plateau but keep progressing. Overall, the programming is top notch and it was the best decision I’ve made to start training as a beginner and continue my progress. 

 – Raymond Lei Testimonial

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