Part One To Your Story

2110 Fitness was created and founded in 2011 by Christopher and Jonathan Campbell, twin brothers who grew up training and competing in high levels of competition. 2110 Fitness was started with the purpose to help people live long enjoyable lives. It wasn’t until the brothers had experienced serious health problems in their family that motivated them to make sure people have the ability to play with their grand kids or travel the world or continue golfing, skiing or biking.

Part Two To Your Story

2110 Fitness is built on the concept of functional fitness. Functional fitness was developed in the Gymnasia of Ancient Greece where both physical and mental health were of equal importance in personal development. 2110 Fitness believes in pure concepts of fitness, health, and well-being to bring balance to life and enrich our personal development.

Part Three To Your Story

2110 Fitness approaches the unique needs and goals of every client assisting them in reaching a new level of health and well-being. Our approach to fitness is guided by the understanding of functional fitness and we leverage our knowledge and understanding of how the body works to design programs that suit your desire for function and fitness. Everyone is different and will respond to activity in a different way. 2110 Fitness puts you first.